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How to get your ex back for good

posted by pushingit 8 months ago under get ex back, get ex girlfriend back

How do you get your ex back for good?

Well... not by pleading and declaring your love with the promise you'd change or say anything to please her.

That's not how you get your ex back, not by being desperate and needy, making mediocre efforts, or being careless.

You probably know how ineffective they are and how they can actually hurt you when trying to get your ex back, and push your girl further away into the arms of another man. Suddenly, you'll just get news from some friends that she's out with a new guy.

If you're serious about getting your ex back... for good...

You should plan it out carefully. You need an excellent strategy to get your ex back that involves...

Working on yourself. Get a freshread more

Talking to Girls on Your Free Time

But don't think you can overdo it if you don't want to make people think you're annoying. Small talk is just a pleasant conversation with someone.

There's no limit of the things you can talk about when it comes to small talk. You know, being able to make small talk can be a good thing for you. It's really amazing how easily you can make friends when you know how to small talk.

Think about it, most relationships gets a jump start just because of a little small talk. Think of the bonds you can make with every person you encounter along the way. Think what you can do if you make small talk sexy and onversation escalation.

Improve your small talks

There are some things you can do to improve your small talk skills. It will certainly and surely improve many aspects of your conversations. Just keep reading and aim to make your small talk making ability better than before.

Read any source of information you can get your hands on. Sports, fashion and popular culture are some of the best ones you can find things to talk about. Browse the internet when you don't have access to paper media, there's always something there.

Remember things

If you hear something funny or someone told you a good story, keep a note of it. Think of the beautiful places you see, even misunderstandings you have can be a good opening line. You can practice

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Get Hot Dates with Magnetic Messaging

They assume that the reason the girl loses interest is because she didn't like him. If you can't keep her entertained with your text messages, you'll lose her interest for sure. Take this chance and make it possible to learn the ins and outs of texting a girl. Find out when to get in touch and some powerful techniques to make her crave you. One of the best places to start is making sure you're not making easy blunders.

No boring please

Don't send her anything that might bore her to tears, that's the first. Don't be like all the rest of the world who's taking it for granted what she reads from them. And if she's not texting you, don't flood her inbox with your mindless lame texts. Use text messages to create intrigue and suspense. If you text her too much too soon, you'll only make her used to your texts.

And don't mistake texting as a proper conversation, there's a better way to do that. Getting the urge to know more about her is not excuse to do just that. Don't make the same mistake most guys make, showing too much thirst for a reply. If it's the first text, you can send her anything any time you have the chance to do it. You don't want to wait too long when it's the first text, doing so will only make your chances worse.

Most girls prefer it that way so don't wait because you don't have to. Don't wait for her to forget you, you're only making it hard on yourself. It's just dumb. Don't make it hard for her to remember you, remember that

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Taking Advantage of The Tao of Badass

posted by pushingit 2 years ago under badass, attract women, tao of badass, get girls

The word badass can mean differently for different people even on the same place.  It goes well with attracting pretty girls, in fact it's better if you're a little bit badass when you meet women for the first time.  You don't want the women to turn away from you so keep your badass self in check when you do.  When you can successfully do this every time you go out, you'll suddenly find yourself much better with women.  There are more chances to meet the women you meet again for another time. 

They'll be buying you drinks on their own.  If you don't know what this is like, you're in for a new exciting experience with women.  And you'll see this in the way women respond and communicate to you on a regular basis.

Sometimes it's hard being the nice guy.  The way I see it, you can either change the way you do things or whine about it for the rest of your life.  If you want to change, there's some easy things you can do.  

Break small ridiculous rules that everyone else can easily break but don't.  And challenge the rules when you got more important things to worry about. Be confident in the way you look at people and in the way you talk to them by being just a tiny by louder when you talk to them in person.

Get your badass attitude under control no matter where you are right now.  This can easily help you seduce the women you want with much success.

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Only The Savvy With Women Knows This

posted by pushingit 2 years ago under daygame, meet girls, attract girls

For most guys, meeting pretty women is impossible but once you've done it many times, it becomes easy. The majority of guys go to bars and clubs to meet women. The opportunities are everywhere not just in clubs or bars or at night.

There are a lot of places open during the day and these places have a lot of women going in them all the time. These are places that have amazing opportunities to meeting potential dates. Only a handful of guys try to meet women at these places because nobody wants to try it. That makes these kinds of places perfect if you want to meet great women to have a relationship with. If you are not meeting women you find attractive during your daily routine, you are simply missing out.    If you meet girls in the day, you'll have a lot more fun. You can easily meet her in the day since she can really be herself. Getting to meet her where she is relaxed and having fun can only happen during the day. You'll have a lot of girls to choose from if you follow the daygame blueprint videos by andy and yad. Keep your eyes open and don't let a girl you like slip by.

There are alternative places to meet women during the day time. These places often provide unseen opportunities to meet women. Go to the mall and meet some girls you like, they'll be happy to meet you. This is because shopping malls have a more relaxed atmosphere which makes it easi

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Find the girl

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Let's see...

There are a few key wants a chick have that you should know. A self-confident man is among them, someone who can take good care of things. Most women needs to feel a sense of security which a confident guy can provide. Confidence goes the distance with a woman, a stunning woman. Make sure you obviously are confident, in case not, you will definitely most probably get thin air with women.

So if you are longing for a girlfriend, you have to be confident. You are going to need it if you need to approach the girl you really like. You'll also need it when things head out of control. You aren't required to be beautiful to get the girl, you damn well better be confident.

Doesn't matter in case you are shy, you must make that first step. Stop loafing and praying she'll notice you, the possibility is quite low that will actually materialize. Differentiate yourself out of your crowd so you could get her affection. Just illustrate your confidence, make her snigger, and be creative when you happen to be creating your move.

You must get her to flirt with you. All girls often flirt with gentlemen. Make her informed that you feel something for her. Don't be like the rest of the guys who finishes being friends with her. Don't forget to become a minimum of creative.

Do when you go out there. Dress yourself which can actually make you desirable. Necessary hygiene, that's the the most effective method to being gorgeous, so do the work. In

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